Geo-Intelligence: monitoring development in Africa.

Geospatial systems & data provide intelligence for planning, development, maintenance of services & infrastructure. It is also a powerful tool for monitoring & evaluation. This application of GIS is not used as much as the other applications.

A basic application for monitoring & evaluation is mapping where are the projects or programmes are being implemented.  Another is the extent of the impact of projects or programs on surrounding commuties.

Mapping of projects allows data on key indicators of the projects to be monitored (eg: time to complete, extent of expenditure, jobs created , etc.)

The value of using geospatial systems & data in monitoring and evaluation is that it ensures accountability, assesses the impact and whether the original objectives are being achieved.

AfricaScope through its Geo intelligence service, provides this capability for countries throughout Africa. Our Africa Investment Potential Atlas provides geospatial data to inform which African countries to invest in  based on 53 development categories & 131 indicators.

If you are a national government Department, local authority, multilateral organization or a multinational Corporation focusing on development in Africa and need assistance with monitoring evaluation of projects or programs, AfricaScope can help and provide the service in an easy to use with mapping environment.

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