Geospatial Services


Using innovative approaches to provide geospatial services and products for use in strategic decision making

Specialist Geospatial Data Services

Mapping Social Survey Results

Point Thematic Maps

Point Thematic Maps is a qualitative method for rapidly mapping social survey results so that any discerning patterns can be determined.The points represent a randomly selected respondents while the centre of the point circle is where the interviews were conducted.The colours of the points represent responses to questions in the survey.

​The adjacent map shows that slightly more people (red points) in Mandera, Kenya were NOT banked compared to those who were (green points)

Small Area Estimation

Small area estimation uses statistical and machine learning methods to model and map social surveys results at small geographic levels. It is a quantitative method that allows survey results to be accurately mapped. AfricaScope uses these methods to model nationally representative surveys and map LSMs, income, etc.

Any nationally representative survey that has used an area based sample design can be mapped. AfricaScope has used these methods to map consumer surveys in South Africa and other African countries.

Retail & Service Location Optimization

Network Based Accessibility Modelling using a Diversity of Approaches to Identify Opportunities for Sustainable Expansion

AfricaScope is a LEADER in optimizing retail & service location networks. Using accessibility modelling and INNOVATIVE approaches lets us determine if a service or retail network needs to be expanded, reduced or rationalized. With access to UNIQUE demand and supply data we are ideally situated to help companies to optimize their retail networks.

Motor Dealership Geospatial Services

  • Mapping existing dealer and competitor networks and each dealers’ Areas of Responsibility
  • Geospatial Data developing and accessing unique GeoSpatial data for the motor Industry in SA and Africa
  • Trade Area Analysis using dealer customer data to define primary and secondary trade areas and average customer travel times
  • Dealer Network Optimization using defined target market, existing dealer networks, market share and preferred sites to expand, rationalize or relocate the dealer network
  • Vehicle Sales Targets are set using financial (e.g. sales volumes or turnover) and target market data for each dealers’ area of responsibility