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Our team excels in providing unique and innovative geospatial services and research surveys expertise in Africa.

AfricaScope’s track record shows its commitment to excellence in serving industry giants and empowering decision-making for Africa’s sustainable growth. 

Map Viewers

Providing access to innovative and comprehensive geospatial map viewers

Demographic Estimates

Latest demographic estimates of the South African population


Shopping Malls

Shopping malls of different types have been mapped across South Africa


Crime Statistics

Latest crime statistics at a police station level


Retail Census

Access data on 150 000 formal and informal FMCG retail outlets

Township Opportunity Atlas

Access to data on more than 530 townships


Empowering decision-making through rapid data collection

Access a nationally representative panel survey and have data within 2 weeks to make strategic decisions 

Geospatial Data

Specialist in the development & provision of geospatial data

Demographic Estimates

Living Standard Measures (LSM)


Shopping Malls

Township Opportunity Atlas

Retail outlets

Media Coverage

Specialist Geospatial Data

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Helping our clients make more strategic decisions about their businesses


Hungry Lion


HSRC Business Innovation Survey

World Bank Enterprise Survey

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