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Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF)

Stakeholder Perception Survey

The Government Employees' Pension Fund (GEPF) is Africa’s largest pension fund, with 1.26 mil active members and over 460 000 pensioners and beneficiaries. The GEPF has more than R1.8 trillion in assets under management and is the single largest investor in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The GEPF has significant holdings in government bonds and invests in unlisted equity and property.

GEPF is conducting a stakeholder perception study to understand stakeholder's feelings towards the GEPF, to get a better picture of the things they do right, and the things that they need to improve upon. To participate in the study stakeholders can click on the link below that will take you through to an Internet based questionnaire for you to fill in:

GEPF Stakeholder Perception Survey

8 March 2021

22 November 2020

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20 July 2020

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Web Mapping

Providing access to some of the most innovative and comprehensive geospatial datasets in South Africa and Africa.

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Retail Census

With access to 150 000 formal and informal FMCG retail outlets for South Africa, we have access to the most comprehensive dataset of its kind. Retail data for several other countries can be provided.

Shopping Malls

All shopping malls of different classifications have been mapped across South Africa. The unique catchment areas of each mall in the country has been defined and key socio-economic data linked to each.

Crime Statistics 2019/20

View 2019/20 crime statistics at a police station level for 25 crime categories covering property, violent and social fabric crimes. Want to know how your police station is doing compared to that of neighbouring stations? Analyse the crime statistics to show how crimes relate to one another.


Mapping the Media & Advertising Product Survey (MAPS)

Maps is a modernised, updated and enhanced survey focused on Consumer Insights. Built on the legacy of AMPS, it includes product and brand research designed for marketers and media planners, which is independent of any commercial interests, is transparent and neutral. An additional enhancement and an industry first, is the introduction of geocoded data, which allows MAPS data to be viewed and spatial analysis at a neighbourhood level.

Retail & Service Location Optimization

Allowing decision-makers to make better decisions on where to locate retail outlets and government services

Expansion, relocation and reduction strategies are used to optimize retail and service networks. Unique target market or population data is defined at the most detailed spatial level for South Africa and Africa. Accessibility models use capacity and travel time, existing and competitor facilities and preferred sites in determining the optimum size and distribution of retail or service network.

Survey Technical Support

AfricaScope provides Innovative solutions for all aspects of quantitative surveys and qualitative research

  • Sample frame development for any African countries
  • Sample design, allocation & weighting
  • Overview & local area fieldwork maps for field navigation
  • Questionnaire design by multidisciplinary teams
  • Rapid data collection technology for use across Africa
  • Unique data collection through Skype, Call Centres & Mobile Phones
  • Quantifying focus groups using unique methods
  • Real-time fieldwork tracking across Africa
  • Quality control of all survey methods
  • Statistical analysis by specialist teams
  • Report production & presentations to client specification