SA Crime Profiles 2019/20

Providing citizens and businesses with the most COMPREHENSIVE crime statistics at police station level for South Africa

Free Crime Profile Mapping Viewer

  • AfricaScope believes that every citizen should have access to the latest crime statistics for their police station.
  • Our SA Crime Profiles Viewer provides 2019/20 & 2018/19 statistics for 29 crimes at a police station level for the whole of South Africa that is updated annually
  • Our Viewer shows the actual numbers of crime per police station

Understanding Crime in your Police Station

  • Want to know how many crimes were committed in your police station area?
  • Want to know the risks that your businesses faces from crime?

Our Crime Viewer allows you to do the following:

  • Find or search for your police station and get statistics on the number of crimes committed​
  • Create colour maps of different crime types to see how your police station compares to neighbouring stations
  • View statistics for multiple crime types as charts and tables
  • Filter data to analyse the characteristics of crime in your area

Need more?

  • View the Crime Profiles and call us to see how we can provide variables of interest to you

​Commercial Crime Profile Viewer

  • Our Commercial Crime Viewer provides the latest crime statistics for South Africa including:
    • Actual numbers
    • Ratios per 100 000 population
    • National averages of 29 crimes at police station level
    • Year-on-year and long terms trends
    • Spatial boundaries of all police stations
  • Empowers a strategic view of how crime impacts businesses, allows risk planning and optimising of business locations
  • Integrate other socio-economic datasets such as the population statistics, LSM, poverty, GGP, media footprints, category / brand engagement (MAPS Data) or clients bespoke data such as insurance premiums, or location of brokers or offices or competitors locations

​Commercial Crime Profile Viewer

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