SA Shopping Malls & Trade Areas

Profile & understand the consumers of SA’s shopping Malls

More than 1 900 Shopping Malls mapped!

  • Our mapping portal provides comprehensive data for over 1 500 shopping malls across South Africa including their primary & secondary trade areas that contain data on the:
    • Demographic profile of shoppers (Age, Gender, Race)
    • Income profiles
    • LSM Profiles
  • Each shopping mall has data on its:​
    • Address (physical and postal)
    • Mall classification (e.g. major / minor regional, Neighborhood, etc.)
    • GLA Retail (m²)
    • Number of shops
    • Anchor tenants
    • Foot traffic (where available)
    • Total parking
    • Owner / developer / contact details

​​Who would benefit from the Shopping Mall Trade area data?

  • Developers: critical understanding of areas of over-supply and optimal areas for future development.
  • Retailers/Brands: ideal for understanding the competitive landscape, shopper profiles and optimisation of physical retail networks. In addition, this data can add depth to localized media, marketing strategies and merchandise/menu offerings.
  • Government: Understanding the social needs of people within a mall’s trade area will empower government to provide relevant integrated services within the mall, particularly in non-metro area
  • Economic Development: The provision of shopping centers is a means of providing a catalyst to economic development as people are able to get employment, purchase goods and services and possibly access government facilities.

The format of the shopping mall data allows for the inclusion of other AfricaScope datasets, as well as in-house datasets (eg as sales volumes) in creating a powerful understanding of the characteristics of mall trade areas from a turnover and/or profitability perspective.

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What is the SA Mall Trade Areas Commercial Viewer?

  • Using the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) parameters for population size and travel time for different types of shopping malls, the unique trade area for each shopping mall has been mapped.
  • The trade areas are defined across the transport network using a motor vehicle mode of transport and speed limits.
  • Within each shopping malls trade area data is provided on the socio-economic characteristics of the population (e.g. latest population statistics by age, gender & population group; income & LSM’s)

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