Geospatial data critical for Africa’s development

At Africascope we believe strongly in investing in #Africa.To do this one requires #data to make informed investments in African countries. Our Africa Investment Potential map viewer provides significant #data on African countries.

RW Johnson in his PoliticsWeb article below is absolutely right that we need more accurate data. Using #geospatial data, we have an understanding of the current size of African populations at a small area level. With #population data it is possible to conduct rapid social surveys to understand the number of immigrants, their refugee status and what jobs they are doing.

Geospatial data can be used to define levels of education and skills & access to services in #African countries. It can be used to provide sufficient housing, education & health facilities; shopping malls & retail facilities; developed the circular economy & create jobs. Geospatial data can also be effectively used to understand the resource base of African countries.

RW Johnson may be right about Africa's future, especially fragile states but we must do everything to uplift the continent's people. Otherwise it will become the rest of the world's problem. The world needs a stable and prosperous Africa.

African Union African Development Bank Group PoliticsWeb

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