BizCommunity – Daily movement of retail customers in SA to remain in flux

Level 4 lockdown from the continuing COVID-19 pandemic is upon us. For the next two weeks the movement of consumers to retail outlets will change from places where they work to places where they live. This will again have an influence on the retail market and people will be in a further state of flux in their daily movement.

The article published in BizCommunity points to the situation that we were seeing during lower levels of lockdown.

A future scenario for the retail market is that it will tend towards equilibrium, which means that economic centers will in the longer term continue to be a significant attraction of people and consumers going back to their workplaces. However, these continued lockdowns will bring about opportunities for businesses to make alternative decisions about where to locate their workforce. This is not the time for retailers to make drastic decisions about the location of the premises but whatever is done it needs to be done holistically to ensure sustainable retail networks.

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