Townships bearing the socio-economic burden of Covid-19

Between February to June 2020 the poor were ten times more likely to lose their jobs. Labourer’s were two times more likely than people with a tertiary education to lose their jobs. It is within the townships where most of these people live. This is according to Bob Currin's research on a Township Potential Atlas

Four million grants were issued between 2009 and 2019. During the first four months of COVID-19 the government issued 4.4 million social grants. With the anticipated socio-economic impact being faced by townships post COVID-19 it is highly likely that these social grants may have to become a permanent fixture.

The townships of South Africa are clearly bearing the socio-economic brunt of COVID-19 and as a consequence, there has been a decline in household expenditure for goods and services. This will impact the development markets in the townships.

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