Geospatial mapping a key part of the strategy to stop farm attacks and murders

South Africa is in dire straights when it comes to murder and if we do not do something about it urgently, we will become the number one murder country in the world. Farm murders have become the most prominent type of murder, to such an extent, that it was debated in parliament in August 2020.

A significant problem with farm attacks and murders is that they are not being effectively registered in the Crime Administration System (CAS) by the South African Police Service (SAPS) nor are many of the other types of murders (eg street, car hijacking, gang, xenophobic). This results in inaccurate and conflicting statistics on farm attacks and murders being publicized. It is critically important that clear criteria be used to indicate what type of murder has taken place. For example, if the location of the murder was on a farm or smallholding then it needs to be registered as such.

Geospatial mapping technology can be used to easily identify the location of all types of murders. This can be effectively facilitated using modern mobile applications. Having a clear understanding of the different types of murder will allow relevant strategies to be developed for each. Each murder type that occurs in South Africa deserves to be properly investigated with the ultimate intention to put the criminals in jail.

At the present time without the luxury of having the appropriate geospatial mapping and categorization of murder types in place, the government, SAPS and relevant agricultural organizations need to work together to develop appropriate strategies to stop the farm murders in South Africa.

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