Farm attacks have dire consequences for South Africa

Farm attacks are not only a highly publicized crime in South Africa and internationally, because of the level of violence often associated with them, but they have far reaching impacts on the country.

The continued attacks on farmers may ultimately affect the country's ability to feed the people of South Africa and have a dramatic impact on our agricultural export market. There is also the continued potential of heightening conflict between different groups in the country. This situation necessitates that President Cyril Ramaphosa, like President Mandela during his term of office, shows the highest levels of commitment to addressing this crime and voicing the need for the farm attacks and murders to stop.

Farm attacks and murders are damaging South Africa's international image, which may ultimately have a dire impact on our economy. Potentially the greatest impact is the loss of jobs by farm workers as the viability of commercial farming units collapse. This presentation by Dr Chris de Kock provides further detail on the consequences of farm attacks and murders in South Africa.

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