Africa Investment Potential Mapping Viewer

4 Categories | 20 Indicators | African Country Level  | Informing Investment Decisions in Africa

What is the Africa Investment Potential Mapping Viewer?

  • It is the first web mapping portal that provides comprehensive data at a country level for Africa over several years.
  • The data includes 53 categories & 153 indicators.
  • The Viewer includes composite indices that have been created by combining some of the categories and indicators.
  • It maps 4 categories of indicators including Business, Economic, Politics & Society
  • Within each category there are 5 indicators that are presented as ranks & scores
  • The Viewer forms part of the African Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) that was developed  by In On Africa (IOA).
  • The data covers the years 2017 & 2018 years.
  • Reports on each of the categories is included in the Viewer

​​What's included in the data?

  • The indicators that are mapped for each of the categories are:
  • Business
    • consumption
    • labour
    • market freedom
    • production
    • technology
  • Economy
    • employment
    • growth
    • inclusion
    • strength & diversity
    • trade & investment
  • Politics
    • democracy
    • freedom
    • governance
    • justice
    • stability
  • Society
    • education
    • equality
    • food security
    • health
    • sustainability

​Who uses the data?

  • Any multilateral organization, donor agency or multinational company that is interested in investing in African countries.

​For what is the data used?

  • The value of the Viewer is that data on all countries in Africa can be viewed at the same time or for countries forming part of the economic regions or for individual countries that are selected.
  • The data can also be used to show changes in indicators from one year to another.
  • By filtering the data using the 20 different indicators, countries can be identified that best meet the requirements of an organization for investment.
  • Summary statistics and tables for the selected countries provide invaluable data.
  • Using the reports that accompany the data, users can get a much deeper understanding of the trends being mapped.

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