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Africa Investment Potential


Africa provides unparalleled investment opportunity.

Our free mapping viewer provides never seen before African Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) indicator scores and ranks on business, economy, politics and society. Data from the Mo Ibrahim Foundation governance indicators for security & rule of law, participation rights & inclusion, foundation for economic opportunity and human development are included. The data covers the years 2017-2019 and country profile and continental reports are included. Want more ...........see our Commercial Viewer with more than 50 categories of indicators.

SA Crime Profiles

Crime statistics for South Africa at a police station level for 29 different crimes for the 2018/19 year. Whether you are a citizen, Community Police Forum (CPF), security or insurance company or government official the free Viewer provides you with the most comprehensive crime statistics in the country.  Search or find police stations and analyse the data using powerful filtering functions. The free Viewer also provides summary statistics and tables on crime in police stations for the whole country. Want more, sign up for the Commercial Viewer with multi-year data using different indicator types

SA Demographic Estimates 2019

2019 demographic estimates of the total population, age, gender and race are provided at a subplace level for South Africa. Data can be selected at different administrative levels and analysed to give the most detailed picture of South Africa's current population statistics

SA General Household Survey 2018

Using our Circle Point Thematic mapping approach, variables from the 2018 General Household Survey (GHS) 2018 are mapped to show patterns in the data. What to know the levels of employment or changes in living conditions by age, gender & population group for small geographic areas? These and many other variables from the GHS are mapped to give you insightful information on the socio-economic characteristics of South Africa.

SA Retail Census

Access data on 150 000 formal and informal FMCG retail outlets in the metro & urban areas of South Africa. This is the most comprehensive dataset of its kind in the country. Our free Viewer provides you with a sample of the retail census in Tembisa township. Check it out and see the invaluable data associated with each retail outlet. Want access to all 150 000 outlets then sign up for the Commercial Viewer.

SA Shopping Mall & Trade Areas

All shopping malls of different classifications are mapped for the whole of South Africa. The unique trade area of each mall is defined. For each mall trade area the latest population estimates and Living Standard Measure (LSM) data is provided. A free Viewer of all shopping malls in South Africa and sample data for Ekurhuleni Metro is provided. Sign up to the Commercial Viewer to access comprehensive data on all shopping malls and data associated with their trade areas is provide for the .

SA Township Opportunity Atlas

Townships are the new frontier for market growth in South Africa. They are also areas that have high levels of poverty. The Township Potential Atlas contains the latest boundaries with key socio-economic, lifestyle, crime, & housing data layers. Information on service points in the public & private sectors are also provided. The free Viewer shows the distribution of townships in the South Africa with sample data for Tembisa township. Want more...........sign up for the Commercial Viewer to get comprehensive data for all townships.

Commercial Map Viewers

SA Crime Statistics & Indicators

We provide the most comprehensive crime statistics for South Africa at a police station level. This not only includes the actual crime numbers over 10 years, but the crime ratios per 100 000 population, year-on-year trends, long term trends and Location Quotients. The crime statistics mapped at a police station level include 2019/2020 but Q1, Q2 & Q3 statistics for 2020/21. This is the most powerful source of crime statistics in South Africa. If you are in the security, insurance, property, real estate or research industries, this web mapping portal is for you. 

SA Retail Census

With access to 150 000 formal and informal FMCG retail outlets for South Africa, we have access to the most comprehensive dataset of its kind. The retail data includes variables such as the channel, trading environment & type of building, to mention a few. The portal allows data to be filtered and analysed to provide summary statistics on retail outlets at a small geographic level.

SA Shopping Malls & Trade Areas

All shopping malls of different classifications have been mapped across South Africa. The unique trade areas of each mall in the country has been defined and key socio-economic data linked to each. Using the filtering capabilities of the web mapping portal users can find out how many convenience malls are located in high per capita income areas and what the size of the population is by age, gender, and population group.  

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